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World History

World History, Part I is a 1981 comedy film written, produced and directed by Mel Brooks. Brooks also starred in, playing five roles Moses Comicus stand-up philosopher, Tomás de Torquemada, King Louis XVI and of Jacques Le Garçon pisse.Duży team the role of Sid Caesar, Shecky Greene, Gregory Hines (to Since the movie), Charlie Callas, and Brooks regular Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, Harvey Korman, Cloris Leachman, Andreas Voutsinas and Spike Milligan.
The film is also, Royce D. Applegate performances, Drink Arthur, Hugh Hefner, John Hurt (Jesus Christ), Barry Levinson, Jackie Mason, Paul Mazursky, and Henny Youngman Andrew Sachs among others. Orson Welles tells every story. Although the title of a component is not a sequel, the title of the theater World History, Volume 1 by Sir Walter Raleigh, the below.
The film is a parody of "historical Spectacular" genre, including the "sword and sandal epic," and "in the period costume drama" subgenres. The segments consist of four stories in the dawn of man, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition and the French Revolution. Other skits indirect reconstructions give the Ten Commandments and the Last Supper.
Dawn of Man
Cavemen (including Sid Caesar), describes the invention of fire, first marriage (the first "Gay sapiens" marriage, which was soon after the first "gay marriage"), the first artist (which in turn gives rise to the first criticism), and the first attempts comedy and music, breaking the other foot, with stones and orchestra form a scream.

Previews of coming attractions
At the end of the film, is the announcement for the History of the World Part II, reported by Brooks, who promises such a Hitler on ice, the Viking's funeral, and in the space of Hebrew. Despite earlier or further was released, and "Part I" in the title story of the film is just a joke.

1. History of the world is a book about the history of ancient Greece and Rome, written by Sir Walter Raleigh, while a prisoner of the Tower of London, that he only managed to complete the first part before he was beheaded.
2.  Funeral scene with respect to the Vikings with their Viking helmets with horns stereotype -. just to show that the former head of the Viking horns, "instead of on their helmets.

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