Thursday, 10 May 2012

World History 2

The Roman Empire 
Comicus (Brooks again), stand-up philosopher, registered door Was the Agent Swiftus (Ron Carey), who landed the show at Caesars Palace. On the Way to the Palace Comicus meets and falls in love with priestess named Marie (Mary-Margaret Humes), met and befriended A-Ethiopian slave named Josephus (Gregory Hines). Is released Life of Josephus, "when he was called up for the service NYMPHO Queen (Madeline Kahn). Check Comicus "Caesar's Palace Hotel was filmed at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The Palace, the emperor Nero (DOM DeLuise), the key to a diet and expect to have fun. Comicus forgets his audience and begins to make fun of obesity Nero and corruption. Joseph pour a glass of wine in the lap of the king and is ready to fight for death Comicus fighter. They fight the palace, he was helped to escape by Miriam, NYMPHO queen and a horse named Miracle.

After using Comicus Swiftus Miriam and Joseph, a brief refuge in the home nymphomaniac Queen, Joseph was "discovered" between a row of eunuchs, and the group is run by the Roman soldiers. Because the soldiers are baskets Group (founded by magic), Josephus train pull them in the field and a large number of applications of papyrus. The "Roman red" marijuana, which is increasingly beside the road and throw it in the papyrus, creating a device called a generally strong, set fire to it and rises on the back of their truck, hunting for the army smoke.

The end result of smoke and negative confuses the Roman army. Escape group then departs from a port in Judea. Waiting tables at a restaurant Comicus blunders in a private room where the Last Supper, Jesus is the interval (John Hurt) a few times (using its name as an expression of despair and anxiety, and even before him). Finally, Leonardo da Vinci (Art. meters) came to paint a picture of the group. The discontent that is reflected only in the second half of their heads, move side of the table and paint Comicus Jesus, holding a tray of silver, which acts as a halo.

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